Allergy Basket

Rule of Fun created this app which allows the user to scan in barcodes of supermarket products in order to determine if they contain any of their allergies.

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Donate IT

In early 2017 Rule of Fun built Donate It to allow individuals to give away their unwanted items to charities easily. The app helps charities find and collect items that are close to their stores.

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Rule of Fun worked for Marmalade Game Studio to design and develop many games in 2015 including; Play Doh, Spinguins, Twister Moves, Nerf Zombie Strike and several other Hasbro arcade games.

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Millie Pyjama Party

Rule of Fun designed and developed the sequel to Millie Moreorless in 2016 to help children with learning difficulties understand the basic concepts of magnitude.

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Rule of Fun worked with Figment Productions on the content development  for one of the worlds first theme park VR experiences. Additionally,  Rule of Fun created the Android app for use by the train stewards.

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My World Of Atoms

Rule of Fun built this educational title to help students learn the periodic table easily. A fun 3D game and rated highly in the app store; it won first prize in the Essex Digital awards 2016.

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We’ll put together a design proposal and game design documentation then give you our thoughts and guidance based on the foundation of over 20 years of experience making games and apps.


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Faster than a speeding bullet! Our fully interactive prototypes find holes where complex design documents could only hope to scratch the surface. We can prove (or disprove)  core mechanics quickly!


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We create games, educational titles, applications and tools that wont break the bank. We work mainly for hire, but then we do our own stuff in our spare time. We just can’t stop making things! Web Gl, iOS, Android, Windows Phone...

Pigobo Ltd trading as Rule of Fun.

Pigobo Ltd is a UK Registered Limited Company #06405673

Registered UK Office:
56 Lysons Road
GU11 1NH
United Kingdom

Development Studios:
Rule of Fun
Bucar 568 
Pergamino 2400
Buenos Aires

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